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The opportunity has passed

My vacation is over. Tomorrow I start going to work again. I'm not excited. The two weeks appeared too short to me. Physically I am fit for work again. Emotionally not so. I try to motivate myself and remind me that I won't have that pressure regarding timetables this time. Doesn't quite work.

The weather during these last two weeks was rather unsatisfactory. Grey, cloudy, often rain. We have not a nice summer this year. It didn't help my mood much.

But the fact that pains me most is: I haven't written at all. How can I explain it? I want to write - but had no desire to do so. Even thinking about it hurts. And my imagination has dried up. Still is. I had high hopes for my vacation. If not then, when do I have the opportunity to focus on writing again instead of work? Maybe thinking so was unrealistic. But the fact is nonetheless depressing.

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