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A new month has begun. I had hoped that the pressure at work would lessen by now but it isn't so. Not at all.
We are all tired and worn down. And I can see that the next two weeks will be hell as well. I'm surprised I am still standing.

Just looked over my time sheets for the last month. I took one day free and had another when I was just on my way to our customer, a five hour trip. All other days including weekends I have worked. This way I racked up 115 hours of overtime additionally to the 50 from the previous month. In average that's four seventy-hours-weeks. *shakes head* I would have thought it impossible.

Three weeks since I last updated this journal with a public post, two weeks since my last private entry. It isn't so that nothing happened. It would have helped if I could have ranted my frustration away. It was so that I was far too tired to write the daily routine down.

It can't go on this way anymore. I need to finish my two projects and the one-from-hell I inherited from my fired colleague (Good riddance!). But I just want to sleep.

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