Kyrre (kyrre) wrote,

To Do List for Week 1

Tomorrow work start again. I'm soo excited - not. Officially I am absent until the fifth but I need the time just to bring a bit order into the chaos and the first deadline is on the tenth. *sigh*
  • 2YN assignment #1
  • check email at work Mo
  • make a project plan Mo
  • acquaint our temporary coworker with the project-from-hell Mo
  • check if other coworker has finally finished his project and then give him chores Di
  • make the changes our other client asked for   unfinished this week!
  • finish tasks until Friday to meet first deadline

I have already finished the first assignment for Only a Novel and posted it. If anyone is interested to read my stuff, everything is over at anvar under a friends filter. Drop me a comment. As of today it seems that no less than 73 people signed up for 2YN and it could still become more because the class is open until January 8th. I'm curious how many we will be after one and after two years, if I will stick to it until the end.

Jan 7th: Updated status of to do list

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