Kyrre (kyrre) wrote,

I'm writing this at work. The new computer is up and running although I still have to reinstall my programs. Hit a snag yesterday evening when I noticed that they had me given a socket A fan not the necessary socket 754 processor fan. I hasted to my local computer store and they replaced the thing, no questions asked. Using the opportunity I also bought a new keyboard. My old one has become unreliable since I poured the soda over the keys some months ago.

I am still worrying about this week's 2YN assignment. I can write a lot about writing, it seems, but if I have to write a scene I angst over every word and nothing seems right. It's just a snippet, dammit. The situation at work doesn't help. The project-from-hell is too stubborn to die and nobody wants to touch it, if they can help it. Delay after delay. I was in a real shitty mood yesterday evening. Putting the computer parts together sort of calmed me down.

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