Kyrre (kyrre) wrote,

April Fools challenge

I could not resist and have signed up for the April Fools Challenge. For this challenge I can choose any goal, almost everything counts and I can raise or lower my goal like I want.

My writing goal for April is this:

1. Write on 22 days during April.

I want to put a full 100% for this in my April review. So far I have only written on 50%-59% of my scheduled writing days and March looks really bad.

2. April Fools goal: 1,000 words of scenes and plot synopsis.

I tend to procrastinate by writing about writing when I finally sit down and begin to type. I need to force myself writing scenes. Therefore I will count for this challenge only scenes and plot synopsis. Because of this my wordcount goal starts so low. I really hope to raise it but I also want to met the challenge. 1K is my first stepping stone.

I have high hopes for April. I will have my much needed vacation and April can only be better than March. This month is just abysmal writing-wise so far.

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