Kyrre (kyrre) wrote,

Setting Minimum Security Level

It seems that some companies misuse rss feeds for content grabbing. They don't just link to it, they save the content into their own databases. See maygra's entry about here. If I have understood the problem correctly, it is so that if you friends-locked an entry after posting it could be that bloglines had it already grabbed and then it stays in their database.

I don't post in this journal any original content that belong under friends-lock. But I changed the setting for my writing journal anvar to default friends-only. I suggest to everyone who has a similiar journal to do the same. (LJ FAQ: How do I make all my journal entries Friends-Only, Private, or Public?)

I may post the one or other public entry to give an indication what that journal is about but I don't want to use control of my content.
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