Kyrre (kyrre) wrote,

Once again I have left my flat behind and visited my parents. I just wanted to leave my routine and put some distance, physically and emotionally, to my work place. Even if I avoided thinking about my job during the day I often dreamed about it. While I can't call them nightmares those dreams do trouble me. I want to have my head free of such concerns during my last week of vacation.

I was lazy during my vacation and have done much less than planned. I am deeply annoyed about my procrastrinating. If I have learned something this month then this: I should never try to be a full time writer. The amount of balking and dithering I have done is awful.

I will try to meet my third word count goal for the April Fool challenge although it feels to me that everything I write is crap. When I am that close I can't objectively judge anything, least of all my own writing. I tell myself that I should just write, that the time for rewriting is later, but I am afraid that I will just hit the delete button in disgust when I read the draft then.

I would look up The Fear of Writing but I haven't the book here. Probably also just a way to avoid the keyboard and doing my quota.

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