Kyrre (kyrre) wrote,

I have just returned from a walk along the coast together with my mother. While the forenoon was still cloudy the weather took a turn for the better around noon. So my mother and I decided to use it for a walk. While me made the short drive to the coast the last clouds vanished and we had finally a cloudless sky and about 14°C.

We walked along the coast at a brisk pace. All in all three hours including a break of maybe half a hour. At least 1km, I think. It wasn't easy walking, over loose sand and stones, but we had fun. We recharged us with sun and air that smelt like salt and tang.

I am feeling my feet and legs but at least I did something for my fitness. I'm glad I remembered the sun blocker because some parts of my face feel affected.

Tomorrow I will return home. And on Saturday I will try to forget the impending doom (my return to work) by touring several museums during the day.

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