Kyrre (kyrre) wrote,

From work

My concentration is shot to hell and I am waiting to go, drive, home. The first three days at work were not so bad like expected and I am now somewhat confident that I will survive the next months. The bad news is that the project-from-hell won't die. My stomach cramped when I heared that. But with the amount of (paying) project work I currently have I can retreat into a purely technical role and let my new boss handle the client. He does that well, better than me.

On Monday we had a heat of more than 31°C and then a thunderstorm in the evening. As I came from work I literally collapsed on the couch with migraine and couldn't get up for the next two hours. I needed half a litre of coke to be able to make dinner.

Commuting to our new office goes better than expected although I got an idea yesterday how the worst case of traffic jam could look. Nothing went anymore close to my home. *sigh* I hope I get better home today. However, many people including me, have only a three-day-week thanks to the holiday tomorrow and I expect long-distance-commuter and early traveler.

I didn't write this month until now and I have to act before it becomes habit. Alas, I noticed that the Psion counts more words in the same document that Editpad does. I will stick with Editpad's count because I need to be consistent.

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