Kyrre (kyrre) wrote,

RotS questions

I am displeased with myself because writing seems to have fallen aside this month. At least my brain hasn't turned off completely. I have some questions that those who have seen the movie more than once and/or read the novel could answer.

a) Palpy's offer: Do I remember right that Anakin didn't tell the chancellor about his dream and his fear to lose Padmé? The carrot dangled before Ani's nose was timed perfectly. How did Palpatine know it?

b) Padmé was shown totally alone. Where were her handmaidens, her close friends? She never told Anakin that she was pregnant with twins. Didn't she know? Didn't she have a doctor looking after her? She couldn't expect to hide her pregnancy so long. I mean, it showed!

c) Why didn't Anakin make her visit a doctor? I think if I had a vision of someone dying while giving birth my first thought would be making sure that 1) everything is right with the pregnancy and 2) that Padmé has a medical team on standby, maybe even a security detail if I fear outside dangers. Anakin, you are an idiot! Padmé, you too!
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