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I finally finished the sequel to Death Throes and it made me thinking about the theme of this mini-series.

Now, I have my problems with theme. Most books, courses etc. on writing advice that you need to know your theme before you start writing. It doesn't work for me. Never has. Trying to write to a theme (except maybe a drabble) is futile because it restricts me, it doesn't allow for unexpected twists. I don't even try it anymore.

When I looked over Beyond Saving last night with my beta readers' comments in mind I had my revelation. The two fics together show a theme: Bruce's stages of dealing with that traumatic change and loss.

I see it less like denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance (commonly known as the Five Stages of Grief) but what some call grief work: to accept the reality of the loss, to experience the pain of the loss, to adjust to the change and to reinvest in the new reality.

It's a process. Bruce went through the first two stages in Death Throes (it's real) and now in Beyond Saving (it's painful). The logical conclusion would be that I need to write two more parts. Oy.


Title: Beyond Saving
Author: Kyrre
Summary: A Batman Begins AU, sequel to Death Throes
Pairing: Bruce/Ducard
Rating: PG-13, mild slash
Disclaimer: Alas, I don't own these characters.

Notes: Again my thanks to murasaki99 and temve for their betas and all who gave me their encouraging feedback to Death Throes. All remaining mistakes are mine.
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