Kyrre (kyrre) wrote,

Already past midnight

Where is the time? I have finished the novelization von Batman Begins and also Tales of the Demon and can not avoid to compare.

First, the novelization vs. the movie: The novel has a lot more connection to the background of Ra's al Ghul from the comics than the movie. There is a nice subplot about Bruce looking for clues about Ra's and the League. Also there are naturally more details that weren't clear in the movie. For example that Bruce trained a year under Ducard. There is dialogue you won't find in the movie Partly, because it is too much. But a few things I would have liked to see.

After Ducard leaves the burning Wayne Mansion. "We would have been magnificent together."

And at the end of the novel Bruce buries his old outfit stained with the Ducard's blood besides his parent. Alfred asks: "And do you mourn them together?" "Yes. I do."

Second, Batman Begins vs. Tales of the Demon. I want to state that I enjoyed both books although I am not a fan of comics. However, the comparison of Ducard!Ra's and comic!Ra's wins Liam Neeson hands down.

It didn't help that the comic often moved me to certainly unintended giggles. A cape might be stylish but it is unpractical. The bat costume might be frightening during the night, in the shadows of Gotham. But in broad daylight, especially in a ski resort it is just silly.

But I liked Talia, she is so able to nicely fluster Batman. I wouldn't mind seeing her in a movie sequel.

*sigh* While batman was a nice diversion I didn't feel so fine today. I feel bloated. The belly seems to grow daily and I had to realize that there is no hiding anymore. Except in the unlikely event that the temperature drops dramatically and I can switch to wide pullovers. My body image can't adapt as fast as the changes occur. I'm convinced that the women who proudly display their pregnant belly do so because there isn't a choice. In short, I have entered the uncomfortable phase of pregnancy.
My dear friend whom I visited today isn't a help. He tries to cheer me up with funny remarks and I would have liked to deck him then.
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