Kyrre (kyrre) wrote,

Life Sign

I didn't drop off Earth, I was just busy. Yeah, it's a lame excuse, I know. And I didn't write at all.

Monday I finally managed to drag myself to IKEA and buy the new wardrobe for the kid as well as shelves for the basement so I can finally use my compartment there for storage. Then I arranged for delivery because I don't intend ever to carry 90kg of parts three stairs up.

Tuesday morning I threw myself into cleaning and getting some kind of order in my flat because my mother arrived for her customary pre-Christmas visit around noon. (Of course she found something to help me with, it's my mother!) In the evening IKEA delivered.

Wednesday we went shopping and while we crossed off most items on our list I frustrated myself to no end because apparently all baby carriages we saw are either in the 15-17kg weight area (impossible for me to handle every day because I need to keep the thing up in my flat or in the basement - stairs!) or seem too fragile or are damn ugly. In the late evening we started to put the wardrobe together with the help of a friend. We didn't finish and I was rather irritable to discover that the half-finished thing blocked my access to the desk with the computer. *sigh*

Tuesday we checked out other sources for baby mobiles but without success. It's not really a problem because I can fall back on friends' old prams if necessary. I just hate such futile trips. While assembly round #2 happened I went to my doctor's appointment. The Little One is well and apparently I am too.

Now the damn wardrobe is finally assembled and I have computer access again.
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