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Not much to tell

Friday was a resting day. That means I tried to relax and read while my mother started filling the new wardrobe with all the baby stuff she had brought with her. :)

Saturday we wanted to make a rather short visit to the Christmas market that became much longer than we, my mother and I, had intended. I did order my baby carriage. It should arrive in two weeks. We got some more X-mas presents and I think I have now something for everyone. In the afternoon friends came over with their almost-four-years-old who was in turns absolutely adorable and frightening with his bubbling energy to me.

Today the basement compartment got thoroughly cleaned and the shelves assembled. They wait to be filled with un-perishables. Thus we have planned an extended grocery shopping for tomorrow.

I don't expect to start writing again until my mother has left. Somehow we always end doing (far too) much each day. On the other hand, after tomorrow almost all items of my to do list are finished. The only exception are some administrative matters I can only wait for.
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