Kyrre (kyrre) wrote,

Website Work

Uff, I just finished reworking my old website Dabbling in Writing. Refreshed the layout and fixed all the broken links. The content is still the old one, my earliest writing attempts from 2001. *embarrassed* I think I will add some fragments I certainly won't turn into stories anymore. And then I have finished some drabbles and stories this year that I could archive. At least the safe ones.

*thoughtful* temve? mrshamill? Anyone else who has a separate site for his/her fanfiction? How do you hold it with your own stories? When do you decide to archive them outside of your livejournal? Especially slash? My site is spiderable but I could set up a guest account to keep certain content halfway walled off. Suggestions? Ideas?

Edit: And soon after I posted this I found this on temve's f-list: Archive your fics.
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