Kyrre (kyrre) wrote,

Hot, grumpy, better

I am over-tired and was in a definitely grumpy mood. And I have only to blame myself.

Yesterday was bad, today was worse. It's a bit too hot for my taste. I do like warm summer days but when all I can do is to sprawl in a shady corner and not move except getting something to drink it is too much.

And then a friend calls and invites me too meet him in a ice café. Now, the place is quite a distance from my home. So I answer something like "You are joking!". He needles and nags; I give in. So I take my Little One and am on my way, walking. Bad, bad idea.

While the ice was the right idea, walking long distances (we are talking 4-5km) in this weather was not. I am back home, exhausted, sweaty, with hurting feet and several blisters. And the worst is - I could have taken the tram. Stupid, stupid.

Now, the sun has sat and it's becoming cooler, I feel better. A shower, lots of fluids and a good book do wonder.
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