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Happy Holidays for everyone!

We had the the good fortune that my brother could return right for the holidays. His flight was late from Singapore and he missed a connection flight and was therefore late by four hours but he did arrive in the early afternoon. He was rather exhausted after more than thirty hours travel but we are happy to have him here.

The less happy news was that my grandma didn't feel well enough to come and celebrate Christmas Eve with us. Tomorrow we will visit her and bring her her presents.

Actually we had agreed to no or only small presents. Hah! Of course it didn't work. Everyone got several gifts and naturally the Little One had a pile bigger than himself. My Mom wanted to tape his first Christmas but he was more interested in the camera than in the gifts. Much hilarity ensued. Finally I unpacked the presents for him. The thing he took an instant liking to was the big Bobby car. He played with it almost all of the evening pushing it around the living room. He stopped only to play with the tv remote control. He zapped through all the channels. We had to separate him forcefully from it and from the cd player. He really likes technical things. He was so wired up he had trouble getting to sleep. No wonder, it was his first Christmas.
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