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Goals for 2007


At least I have no surplus pounds. But I lost a lot of muscle mass in the last two years. I am tired of having sticks as arms and that every time I indulge in good eating it seems the extra calories immediately turn up as belly fat. I'm so happy that my waist line is back to the state before the Little One.

I have no time for the gym but I read up about bodyweight exercises. I still need to create a exercise plan. But by the end of 2007 I want at least to be able again to do 25 push-ups and a backward roll. I don't mind two to three kilos more if they are muscles.

I eat healthier than in the years before. But less white bread and less sugar will be good for me.


Well, I am through with my old company. Even if my lawyer can negotiate a compromise it will be only temporary. I am tired of being under-paid in addition to their we-don't-care attitude. Another job in 2007!

I have decided to enroll in the FernUniversitaet in Hagen and take some computer science courses. The long-term goal is a master degree if I can see it through. I am a career changer; I graduated in business management and found myself becoming a software developer. I feel that at times the lack of a formal degree in this field is held against me.


During the last year I have learned to use mini-breaks to get chores done. I have become better at multi-tasking. Nonetheless my time-management is still improvable. I want to set myself weekly goals, be it regarding household chores, writing or recreational activities, and met them.

I am thinking about moving into a bigger flat that has a bath tub, a kitchen where two persons don't step on each other toes, and the windows actually isolate against the cold. Provided that, of course, I get a decent-paying job.
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