Kyrre (kyrre) wrote,

Nice day

Today was the quarterly afternoon get-together for the parents of the Little One's creche group. It was a relaxed affair with coffee or tea and cake. I felt comfortable small-talking with the other parents and that is not ordinary for me.

However, my Little One, who is reportedly so quiet and well behaved in the creche - yeah, I'm always shaking the head if I hear that :) - was quite the rascal: Playing with the food, at one time throwing his cup of milk over the table. *sigh and grin* He isn't quite that bad at home. But being that excited and a bit wild when he has mom's or his grandparent's attention is normal for him.

Afterward he and I went for a walk and then he played with the older kids behind our apartment building until it was time for the evening meal. He needed that to calm down, and it is generally a good practice so that he can sleep easily.

He had stuffed himself with cake so he had no appetite but I expected that. As soon as I put him into his bed he was fast asleep.

I was (and am) also tired but decided to use my free time to surf the net. But now it is time for me too. 'night everyone!
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