Kyrre (kyrre) wrote,


... I made the appointment for getting the keys to our new appartment. The property management was supposed to contact me but didn't so far. It is fortunate that I took the initiative because I found out that I still have to get some signatures for the rent deposit before the appointment which is on Thursday.

... I mindmapped the whole move issue. My, there are many things to do. None of them surprised me but seeing them on one sheet of paper let me realize that I will very busy the next four or five weeks.

... my Little One demonstrated again that he loves the creche. When I came to take him home he briefly glanced at me and went back to the sand-pit. OK, playing is important, I understand that. After a few minutes he came running and I squatted down to hug him. He swerved to sidestep me and get to the table with bread and water, while grinning at me. That rascal! *grins*
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