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The year 2007

In January my grandmother died. She was the last of her generation and I am happy that she still did see the Little One born and growing into a toddler.

Early that year I enrolled at the university again and finished successfully two courses. The two fall/winter courses I took suffered from my move into the new apartment. I won't take the exams for them because I don't think I can catch up until February begins. (In addition, my pregnancy will be too far along, I believe, to feel comfortably at all in such a situation.)

And yes, as I had planned I got pregnant again although I knew that my family had their reservations about this idea. For the first time ever I saw my mother absolutely speechless when I 'confessed' in late August. So I will have two Little Ones in April. By now everyone is looking forward to it.

I got a paying project in August that should have taken two months at best but stretched over four. Partly because of the situation in that company, partly because of me (de-motivation and the move).

I moved into a bigger apartment. If I had known before how much stress it would be - I would have chickened out. It ate up all my time in October and also took a good chunk from November. The kitchen counter still needs to be replaced. *sigh*

But all in all I'm glad to have the new apartment. Little One has the biggest room. He has a lot of space to play although he must share with his sibling later. My living room has a balcony, floor-length windows and a great view. I have now a seperate bed room/study, a bath with an actual bathtub and a bigger kitchen.

There are some resolutions I couldn't uphold and I am sad about it. Fitness and writing are the most important of them. For the former I just seemed to find no time and for the latter I was both too exhausted at the end of the day and/or the creative juice felt dried up.
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