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No New Year Resolutions this time

I have decided to make no resolutions for 2008. Resolutions are like something unyielding, something like a promise to yourself that must be kept at all costs. I feel like I fell short of everyone for the last year (I don't think that this is really true but my gut says otherwise.). In addition, I have no idea how my daily routine will be when #2 is born.

Instead I am making a list of things I like to realize this year.

  • Taking the time to work creatively (painting, modelling clay etc.) with my Little One at the weekends. We played with modelling clay a few days ago and he loved it.
  • Going with him to the swimming bath every few weeks. Again, when we did it as the creche organized it, he loved it.
  • Finding a gym with childcare and going after #2 is born and while #1 is in daycare.
  • Preparing for the return into the job during the second half of the year.
  • Taking at least two projects as work-from-home.
  • Writing In Gotham's Shadow, the novel-length story I plotted for the last NaNoWriMo.

I'm very certain that I won't make them all happen but I will be happy for each that becomes reality.

I wish everyone a Happy and Successful Year 2008!

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