Kyrre (kyrre) wrote,

Just a little post until the Little One wakes up

The weather has turned frosty (-5°C) and stormy. It does't invite a walk outside but sitting and thinking and listening to the wind with a glass of hot tea (or cold coke, in my case).

We all have slept badly the last two nights. While it is understandable for New Year's night the repetition last night was a bit much.

My mother has caught a bad cold since Christmas so her snoring/rattling breath is especially loud. She doesn't get enough air to sleep soundly. The Little One is always shifting in his sleep. Disturbing dreams, maybe?

I have again started to sleep very lightly and am under the impression that I wake up several times during the night. Last night, I moved out of the shared bedroom to sleep in the living room on the floor. It was too loud, too restless there. Naturally, my back ached in the morning.

The year has started insofar well that I managed to write more than 600 words daily. I manage that from 10 to 12pm when all is quiet in the house and I feel calm at last. I watch novel_in_90 but always 750 words are more than I feel comfortable with. I'd like to get 5 days a week an average of 500 words. We will see.
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