Kyrre (kyrre) wrote,

My parents and my brother arrived today while I was still sweeping the floor and immediately took over. Mom started cleaning (*sigh*), my brother started to assemble the IKEA bed and my father first carried all the things they brought with them up the stairs to my flat and then attached with me the knobs of the new wardrobe. I managed to iron the clothes too but everything else was taken out of my hands.

The Little One was excited beyond description to have his uncle and his grandparents here. It was difficult to get him to bed although he was visible tired. After we managed that he vanished into dreamland in a flash.

They are planning to return home tomorrow although the time isn't set yet. I feel glad that they are here but also overwhelmed and somewhat guilty that it is only a 'working trip'.

Still too tired for my taste and it hurts when #2 kicks. #2 likes to kick often and it feels to me as if he/she is walking around in my belly.
Tags: apartment
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