Kyrre (kyrre) wrote,

New Year Resolutions?

Are you thinking about your resolutions too?

The time is upon us when we draft our resolutions for the year and hope to keep them. I feel I have done the latter badly these last few years. That doesn't mean that I didn't accomplish some things; just not those particular goals. It might be that for me New Year Resolutions are too important for small, simple to-dos and too limited in time to plan for big dreams.

So, this time I have decided to make two lists. In one I will collect all the dreams and goals I have for my life, be they big or small, banal or important, immediate or long-term, into a list. I know that such a list is not static. I expect it to change and adapt with the changes my life undergoes. But I want it all in one place - against forgetting, to remind myself to have dreams and goals and which I have already made true. (Life Goals - f-locked entry)

And for the next year I let me inspire from the 101 things in 1001 days concept (mission101). But I don't want to plan for the next 2+ years. I am creating a smaller to-do list and want to finish at least half of them in 2009: Five Dozen Things.
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