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Well, today I had a nice, long look at my expenses and income of 2008. Situation be as it is, I certainly didn't splurge. But we didn't live overly stingy either. Therefore the last year is a realistic base for 2009.

The numbers for lease and utilities are quite fixed. The expenses for phone and internet too. I hope that I won't make large purchases like a carpet or similar things this year. Budget set to slightly less than the previous year.

Insurances and memberships are fixed expenses. I kept the numbers.

Expenses for the car and other transportation depend on my mileage. I can't accurately forecast if it will change with my return to work. But inspections are not due this year so I adjusted the number down.

Groceries and toiletries stay the same I think. I slightly decreased the amount reserved for small luxuries, I want to abstain from coke and sweets.

Budget created (#10). Now, I just need to stick to the numbers.

Following items are in progress: #9 keeping household accounts, #14 kid's music course, #16 update journal and #17 commenting.
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