Kyrre (kyrre) wrote,

Merry Christmas!

I wish everyone peaceful Christmas holidays.


So, this is Christmas. My brother left early in the morning for his second attempt to catch his flight to his ship. The first one at the start of the week was derailed by the snow and Paris cancelling a lot of flights. It was bad luck for him but good luck for the kids who were able to spend a few days with their uncle.

They especially enjoyed it yesterday while we received our presents at Christmas Eve as it is customary for us. We had the kid#1 extensive wishlist pared down to one - big - present to keep him at about the same level with kid#2. He and my uncle spent the whole evening assembling the knight's castle. Kid#1 is still jealousy guarding it and keeping his little brother away. Hopefully he will notice in a day or two that playing together is a lot more fun.

Both of them were terrible exited yesterday and didn't slow down at all the whole day. That included several hours of sledding and helping grandpa to shovel snow. It is a wonder that kid#1 woke up at his customary time. Kid#2 slept until two hours longer.

Unlike them I felt down for no particular reason. I guess I'm not recovered yet from the work-related stress of the last months and I also had exhausted myself pulling the sled with the kids through the deep snow. I really am out of shape and I'm feeling the muscles in my lower back since then.

I hope for a quiet and relaxing day.
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