Kyrre (kyrre) wrote,

A glance back and a look forward

So 2010 wasn't that bad all in all. But is has been stressful and exhausting.

After laid off in 2009 I started a new job at the begin of the year. It was a difficult start.

In the first quarter I learnt to manage a demanding 8-hour workday and the kids with about 6 hours of sleep or less. Kid#2 woke me each night at least once until mid-march. Although I got back into practise developing web applications I often felt less than competent. The lesson is that sleep deprivation is a mood and self-confidence killer.

In second quarter I had found my feet, and I thought I was finally doing well. Personal review though was painful. They found fault in my communication skills and this isn't what I can simply fix. I'm not the extroverted type. My boss kept me hanging almost to the end of my probationary period if he wanted to continue my employment. This seriously disenchanted me from working there. Strangely that helped me coping better with work because I am less emotionally involved and not so desperately trying to be accepted. I got an one-year-contract, so I will have at least a year and a half on my resume and that's something.

Third quarter was fast-paced. A bunch of mini-projects, sometimes several at a time. Mental multi-tasking. Exhausting. The main task was to keep myself at a steady pace and from burning out.

In fourth quarter I took on responsibility for a new project, a new application built from scratch. There was much researching and learning my way around a new framework. That was both rewarding (learning something new, pushing my limits) as well as problematical (much uncertainty in planning time and effort).

The last project will continue into 2011. I will probably be under much scrutinity how well and fast I will finish the project. No pressure, heh.

That said, what do I want from 2011? The usual.

There are three main points:

I need to take better care of myself. Time for myself is always rare but I will make time for fitness. Improving health, eating, sport and stress reduction are all parts of the same goal.

I also have to look for a better flat. Our current living situation is less than optimal for the kids. Additionally, it is only a year and half until kid#1 enters school and by then he should have made friends with whom he will visit school together.

And third, I am considering refractive surgery. I hate wearing glasses and contact lenses proved to be problematic while looking hours at a monitor. So far I have felt held back by the concerns my family and friends have. I need to research the facts and form an opinion of my own.
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