Kyrre (kyrre) wrote,

A start

So today was my first day at the gym. I had to crack the whip to get both kids moving because they were "It's weekend. We wanna play at home." But we get there on time and they were even well-behaved in day-care and were obviously content.

So, first time. After warm-up my fitness coach Kim and I went through the first circuit together working out my exercise plan. Most of the exercise machines are familiar but they are looking more modern than, oh, six or seven years ago. We put emphasis on my back and arms because I need more upper body strength rather badly. I'm pleased that the circuit includes free weight exercises. I repeated the circuit twice and finished with the cool-down and also an endorphin rush. I can hardly describe this sense of elation, especially because this emotion has been absent for so long.

I expect to have sore muscles tomorrow and actually excited to have this proof of a good workout. I'm looking forward to the next training on Thursday and raising the weights of the arm exercises.
Tags: fitness
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