Kyrre (kyrre) wrote,


The state of me can be summed up as 'Not really sick but not OK either."

I have a cough that started before Christmas and since New Year it has become a full head cold. My stuffy nose is annoying and I am feeling listless. It isn't bad enough to stay home but I want it to finally end. It seems it makes me also susceptible to anything else. I had to take two days sick leave because of stomach flu two weeks ago.

I am frustrated because all of my resolutions and plans for 2013 are more or less on hold until I am fully recovered. I believe that I would be face down if I had not reduced my working hours for this year. My older son needs my support for school, my younger son needs more one-to-one attention and I didn't met my goals for certification yet. Everything feels urgent but i just can't do it.
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