Kyrre (kyrre) wrote,

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Feeling down

It wasn't a good week so far. I have been (and am) feeling depressed without knowing exactly why. Maybe it is the work that isn't optimal right now, maybe it is the weather that appears more like fall than summer, all grey and rainy. I don't know. When I am coming home and can't feel comfortable in my own flat there is something wrong. I get hit by bouts of homesickness, but if I were to visit my old home town it wouldn't really help; this I know. So I haven't written anything this week beyond short journal entries and I can't work up any enthusiasm to do it. Even the update work ground to a stop. I promised my friends snapshots from my vacation but haven't put the scans together yet. The guilt isn't helping.

Instead I aimlessly surf the 'net, reading fanfic and other people's journals and blogs. I'm looking almost desperately for something that excites me and can not find it.

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