Kyrre (kyrre) wrote,

Ramble of the day

When I walked this morning to work it was still quite hot (not so cool like it felt two hours ago) and very humid. Since noon it mostly pours with some breaks, the sky is uniformly grey and the temperature has dropped to about 20°C. Quite comfortable, really, if a bit less water were falling from the sky.

I will go to Men in Black II this evening with a friend. This means I won't get anything done. Well, I'm thinking of the laundry I should put into the machine. But it doesn't really bother me. Today I got quite a bit done at work and I deserve a bit recovery time. I don't consider myself a MiB fan but I liked the first movie and just hope for a good time.

isabeau gave a useful tip in out_lines concerning friends groups and filtered friends views. I think I will implement it in my journal. I have already tested it with my two existing groups scifi and fanfic. To be more effective I will create a few groups more, Forward Motion members will probably one of them. So far I refrained from adding friends whose journals are too off topic for mine, now I have the option to put them into an approbiate group. I will think about that.

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