Kyrre (kyrre) wrote,

Musing of the day: Writing and monthly wordcount

I should really take on the second writing dare - four short stories with at least one thousand words each. The worldbuilding dare went well. I know writing the stories will be harder but I should at least make some effort. I have made a halfhearted attempt to outline the one or other idea. Again I realized that I tend to reach to far and try to press a novella into a short story. Alas, I haven't the writing stamina yet to get me through a novel. Somewhere after the second chapter I lose interest and/or the motivation to continue then.

Someone (oracne?) mentioned a rule or advice for short stories in their journal. Start as close to the conflict as possible, if I remember it right. Useful, because I tend to wander off too far into the past to explain the events. I would like to give the dare a personal twist. Write four short stories with exactly 1000 words each! Hmm, why not.

jmtorres asked me to write down the Rhade bunnies that tortured me the last weeks. I really should though they are snippets at best and worse *bangs the head on the desk* they are smutslashmumble and the idea of writing them down freaks me out. I mean I like to read them but writing myself... *gulp*

Ah yes, the wordcount. It has improved during July thanks to the writing dare.

Journal entries: 2893
Worldbuilding Dare: 4020
Short Story Dare: 238 (yes, I know, it's pitiful)
Total: 7151

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