Kyrre (kyrre) wrote,

Friends list

A few words concerning my friends list. It has started to become too big and cluttered with too many posts. To keep more transparence (and to avoid delisting the one or other) I have sorted my friends in groups that are linked from the friends page.
  • writing scifi - journals hat keep track of writing original fiction, actual prose is usually friends only for beta reading
  • writing fanfic - same as above for fan fiction
  • Forward Motion - the livejournals of people I know from the Forward Motion writing community
  • fanfiction writers - personal journals of fanfic authors,private musings interspersed with fic snippets

There could be more groups in future when my interests change but these four will do for some time. So don't wonder if you find yourself not on the main page you will find your posts on one of the topic pages.

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