Kyrre (kyrre) wrote,

The Bargain - Part 2: The Shift

Rhade demonstrates his adaptability:

"OC? Who?"


"Rhade, I never took you for the doddery old fortune-teller type..."

"Hardly, but Anvar is more than only an old hedge-wizard despite all appearances, isn't he? I have read your worldbuilding notes..."

"What? Haven't you heard the term privacy before?"

"You didn't even password protect the file."

"That's beside the point. These notes are supposed to be only for me."

"I am your muse. To know everything you have written is my duty."

I roll my eyes. "Who appointed you?"

"I myself, of course." He looks at me in surprise. I am certain it's completely feigned. "You needed one, I stepped in."

I shake my head. "This is pointless and we digress. Why Anvar?"

He smiles, again. "He is doing the equivalent of the Argosy Special Ops during his younger years. Couple this with magic and I know I will have fun."

Yes, I can imagine that. Rhade with magic abilities. It would be... interesting, probably very disastrous for the enemy. "Maybe. But we speak about his last years now. You know his death is just around the corner."

He shrugs it off. "I still can see possibilities."

"I'm not convinced this would be a fitting shift."

"No?" His hair pales to silver, his eyes to dark grey. The spurs vanish. His whole physique becomes leaner and somewhat .. sharper. It's most visible in his faces. The lines are deeper and more numerous. Scars appear. "Well?"

"Close," I admit reluctantly, "it's very close to what I imagined." His smirk is unchanged and smug as ever. I take a deep breath and get to the difficult part. "Before I say yes I want the details hammered out. I don't like surprises."

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