Kyrre (kyrre) wrote,

The Bargain - Part 3: The Details

Why am I thinking he got the better of me?

"Very well." He eyes the catatonic OC bunny sceptically. "You need four short stories out of this. Each at least worth 1000 words. You are lucky that I like challenges."

"I might have done better if you haven't distracted me so much in the last weeks. And the dare ends in 15 days so I hope you rise to this challenge. You owe it me!"

He is unfazed. "You could have ignored me." I snort incredeliously. Not likely. "I am not responsible for the weakness of your plot bunny or your Real Life worries. I am however pleased by your attention and willing to do you a favor." He levels a stare at me and shifts back to Rhade. "I expect to get this favor returned."

"By getting still more attention," I reply sarcastically.

"It's only reasonable."

"It's predictable. For helping me write the short stories I write your plot bunnies, that's the deal?"

"You will write the same wordcount of Rhade fan fiction during September as I got you writing original fiction. That's my offer, yes."

"That's not good enough, Rhade," I growl back. "First, you know I will have hardly time next month. Second, the dare demands completed stories. Everything else doesn't count. So just writing isn't enough, I need finished pieces.

"All four completed stories to fulfill the dare and I will write 4000 words of your fan fiction between the first of September and the last of December."

His mouth tightens. You aren't so certain of your success then, Mr. Nietzschean?

"Each finished story counts and you finally start working on this bunny." He points to the biggest bunny of the crowd, a cruel looking thing. I know it. "You have avoided it for a long time."

"Dylan won't be thrilled." No, definitely not. Humans have certain problems in the Nietzschean Empire.

Rhade's smile reappears. "Let this be my worry. You don't need to write it first. All I ask is that you will write it."

I waver. Just one finished story would already count as success for me. He watches me and senses my indecision.

"Andromerotica bunnies count double," he concedes slyly and he has me.

"I knew there were some new bunnies here. Scenarios #8 and #20, correct?" Just then another bunny hops closer. "Oh no.'High Jinks at a Diplomatic Function'. Anyway, I agree." He smirks. I hate his smugness directed at me and challenge him. "So let's see how you 'whip this bunny in shape'."

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