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I call it a day

"I am disappointed by your lack of focus," says Anvar firmly when I slump at the computer. "You would never have become a mage, that is clear."

"Hey, cut me some slack here," I protest. "I haven't exactly much experience with this serious stuff."

He shifts back to Rhade. "Really, how can I uphold my part of bargain if all you do is sprint writing. These short bursts of creativity aren't enough."

"I will get better with time." Though I'm not very convinced of that. After the first two hours I had just limped on with the writing. He looks at me with a cold, calculating gaze that makes me uncomfartable.

"I will see that you get more training." Oh gods.

"Look, it isn't so bad, is it? Only one of the 6 parts still needs to be written. 630 words yesterday and 930 today, that's much for me."

"How about 200 more this evening? Then you get to the word count you had yesterday if you include the musefic in your numbers."

"Please. Writing is supposed to be fun, not torture. I get the first draft finished tomorrow. OK?"

"Tomorrow you are at work and then at the gym. Forgive me if I am slighly sceptical."


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