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Evening conversation with muse

"Where have you been?" I am greeted by my muse. He bounces a frightened bunny from one hand to the other. "The next story must still be plotted, not to mention written..."

"Oh, shut up. Forget the stupid story."

The bunny falls to the earth and darts away. "What? What's wrong?"

"The universe hates you and all that sh!t," I drop onto the next chair and feel the tears well up again. "Real Life stinks. Too bad it has to pay my bills."

Surprisingly gentle hands start to knead my shoulders. "It's the work then. Impending doom?"

"No, more like the quietness before the storm. Nobody knows anything for certain. But things are tense."

"I can feel that." A trace of humor and I have to smile a bit. Gods, these hands feel good.

"It could hit us this month or at the end of the year. I guess, rather later than now. But.."

"..the worry wears you down." Pause. "Can you change things?"

"Not really. I can prepare fallbacks for myself, nothing more. But not today."

"Well, then," He lifts me from the chair and spins me around to face him. "You can instead plot the story."

"Rhade," I growl. "Sometimes I really want to hurt you."

"See, an idea." He smirks at me and shifts to Anvar. "How would you hurt me? Make my days miserable.."

"Anvar!" I have to laugh. "You are impossible. You want me to abuse you?"

"What for do you have muses?"

You have probably guessed it. Problems at work. I worry about my job and that I can do almost nothing right now to improve matters there makes it worse. Well, the best way is to wait and see and keep rational. Even if it is hard.

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