Kyrre (kyrre) wrote,

Cornered into writing

I was distracted the last two, three days by Real Life worries and the fact that I had handed Rhade a spiny, little bunny had almost slipped my mind until he cornered me.

"This is enough!" He snarls into my face and I take a involuntary step back. "Either you discard the little devil or you write it. But foisting the thing on me and then forgetting it is not is.. not.. acceptable!"

"What's the matter?" I quip at him. "Because it is spikier than you?"

Baaad move. His bone blades flare erect and he becomes so very still, frozen that I feel chilly. It occures to me that I, the writer, am in serious danger of being mutilated by my own muse. I haste to defuse his violent mood.

"Ok, let's put it behind us. We should really try to keep it short this time." He stays tense and keeps his intense stare on me. Really, I am intimidated, believe me. I try a cautious step to the side, then another. Good, he doesn't follow me except with his glare. So I wander over to the desk where the little porcupine bunny shuffles around.

Damn, when I so look at it I have no idea how to handle it safely. Spikes everywhere. How did I give it to Rhade without hurting myself?

"Here," I am startled by Rhade who appeares soundlessly at my side and offers me a pair of very thick leather gloves. I flush.

"Thanks." The gloves help immensely to get a grip on the hissing bunny. "Maybe we should start by sorting out the motivations of all involved parties."

Rhade shifts to Anvar and starts to speak when I interrupt him immediately. "Not the old Anvar shift, please. This is your first solo mission and you are younger, much younger than that."

He looks surprised for a moment, then pleased and shifts again. Now he is far closer to his Rhade appearance. Smooth skin, jet-black hair... Stop drooling, writer, and get on with the story. Anvar has noticed my reaction and it obviously improves his mood.

"I," he says with mixed amusement and sarcasm, "got send on this mission into this backwater place because I stepped on the toes of some higher ranking wizards. I am charged with the investigation into the disappearance of one of the local mages. Because I am only interested in wrapping up the case as fast as possible and then returning home I accept the statements and explainations of the local mage guild at face value. And then pay for it." I nod and scribble it down. "My superior..."

I shake my head. "He has no role in this story. It's all between the disappeared wizard, his collegues and you."

"Very well, you are the one who knows best about the other two sides."

"Hmm. Anvar, I am thinking it could work told by you in the first person. Let's try that."

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