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Starting over

Bah, I have scrapped this approach. I tried 'telling' the story and it didn't work out because my main character lost himself in musings and didn't get to the point. I have to start over. The overall idea is still intact but I should probably try to write the end first and then add the other scenes leading to it.

Additionally, I realized anew that I have a problem with using magic. I have no real understanding how magic works in this world. Especially, how different are the magic abilities of a green beginner fresh from the academy and a veteran wizard with a few hundred years experience? At this time I use the terms wizard/mage interchangeable. Are they or do they mean different things? How does magic feel for the user or for the target of a spell? Back to the worldbuilding. My notes I have written down so far are not enough.

Question: Do I have a chance to brainstorm this evening? I really need to write fiction tomorrow if I want to keep the minimal possibility to finish the dare.

[Addendum: Anvar insists that the problem of not coming to the point is my problem, not his. He knew how to express himself concisely. He is right, of course. I didn't channel him properly.]

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